Authorities Identify Man Killed in Tractor Trailer Crash in North Dakota Oil Patch

North Dakota’s oil fields are dangerous locations that are rife with accidents that cause serious injuries, and the state’s highways are just as dangerous for their often deadly tractor trailer accidents. An accident in May brought together the risks inherent in both, leading to the death of one Ohio man.

Police recently identified the Ohio man who died as 45-year-old Douglas Baldwin. The Creston, Ohio man was driving a semitrailer along the state Highway 23 bypass near New Town. For unknown reasons, Baldwin’s semitrailer drifted into the opposite lane on a stretch of curved road, and the truck crashed head on into another semitrailer filled with crude oil. That truck was driven by Anthony Gonzalez, 29, of Hamilton, Montana. When the trucks collided, a fire broke out, engulfing both trucks.

Though the accident occurred on May 6, authorities did not identify Baldwin for nearly two more weeks. It is unknown why authorities were not able to immediately identify Baldwin (or to immediately disclose that identification). Gonzalez also died in the fiery crash, though his identity was previously disclosed.

The crash occurred just outside a western North Dakota oil patch. Authorities did not say whether Gonzalez was driving to or from that oil patch, though it is possible that he was. Authorities did not say what caused the crash, such as whether Baldwin was under the influence or was driving without enough sleep

Whenever flammable liquids like oil are involved in a crash, high speeds, or large vehicles like semitrailers, the potential for fatalities or life-changing injuries is high. This accident and others like it highlight the need for injured parties or the family of those killed to work with a Minot personal injury attorney. In this accident, the men who were killed could have been breadwinners for their families. They may have had children to support, or even grandchildren. Their deaths could mean the immediate loss of significant income. They may not have had insurance or retirement accounts to provide for their families, and even if they did, the policies may not have been enough to provide what their families needed. By working with a personal injury attorney, the family of the man not responsible for the accident may be able to get compensation that will protect their future and give them some measure of justice for their loss.

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