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Seasoned North Dakota Injury Lawyers Seek Justice for Victims of Railroad Collisions

Standing up for the rights of victims injured or killed in train crashes, collisions and derailments

There are multiple freight carriers that run through the state of North Dakota. Every day, these trains carry products to and from the rest of the country. When they derail or collide with other vehicles, trains, or objects, the effects can be catastrophic.

We would know: the Minot train derailment of 2002 is one of the worst in our history. Our firm handled most of the claims stemming from that tragic event. According to the Federal Railroad Administration, there were almost 8,100 railroad accidents across the country in 2021 (not including Amtrak), leading to 4,647 injuries and 747 deaths. Thirty-eight of them occurred in North Dakota. The injury lawyers of Larson Law Firm P.C. aggressively advocate for your rights when railroad tragedies strike. We have a proven track record as one of North Dakota’s premier personal injury law firms. Our team of lawyers tenaciously fights to secure maximum compensation for injured victims and their families.

Which railroads run through North Dakota?

We have a handful of different lines to transport people and products. There are currently seven rail lines in operation, two of which run through Minot:

  • BNSF Railway Company, the second largest freight network in the country
  • Canadian Pacific Railway, which ships crude oil
  • Dakota Northern Railroad, a short line freight fleet
  • Red River Valley and Western Railroad, which runs through Minnesota
  • Yellowstone Valley Railroad, based in Montana and running through North Dakota
  • Dakota, Missouri Valley and Western Railroad, which operates more than 500 miles of tracks
  • Northern Plains Railroad, which ships our agricultural products throughout the region

The only line that brings people anywhere is Amtrak, and that has a Minot station, too.

Staunch advocates of victims injured in collisions at railroad crossings

More than 2,000 collisions happen each year between trains and motor vehicles at railroad crossings, according to statistics released by the Federal Railroad Administration. Our team has represented numerous individuals injured in railroad crossing accidents. This extensive experience has shown our experienced attorneys that common causes of collisions between vehicles and trains include:

  • Obstructed sightlines. Overgrown vegetation, signs and other obstacles may block the view of motorists and engineers.
  • Crossing malfunction. Crossing gates that do not function properly may not descend to block vehicles from crossing tracks in the path of an oncoming train.
  • Railroad crossing alarm malfunction. Railroad crossings protected by only flashing lights and bells or other warning alarms can be dangerous for vehicles crossing them if the alarms are not operating properly.
  • Negligence of the train engineer. Engineers are required to diligently observe the tracks and grade crossings ahead of them. They are also required to signal their approach to railroad crossings by sounding the train’s horn. Failure of engineers to do either of these tasks could cause a collision with a vehicle crossing the tracks.

Seeking maximum compensation for railroad accident victims

The railroads and their insurance companies do not want to pay the compensation you need and deserve in order to fully recover from the physical, emotional and financial effects of a collision at a railroad crossing. But we know that your injuries are likely to be catastrophic, and that negligent workers must be held accountable for their actions. We can assist you in a claim for:

  • Lost wages and income. The devastating effects of a collision between your vehicle and a train can make it impossible for you to return to work. Whether the interruption in income is temporary or permanent, our attorneys aggressively battle to secure your financial well-being by getting railroads and their insurance companies to compensate you for your loss of income.
  • Medical expenses. You should not have to worry about paying your doctors. Our team of legal professionals is committed to relentlessly pursuing your right to have your costs for doctors, medications, medical equipment, physical therapy and occupational therapy paid by the parties responsible for the accident. This would also include the costs associated with any future medical treatment or care you might require.
  • Pain and suffering. Scarring, disability, pain and emotional distress associated with your injuries suffered in a railroad crossing accident are some of the damages our tough-minded attorneys fight to obtain for you.
  • Funeral and burial costs. If the worst comes to pass, and your loved one dies in a collision or derailment, you may be entitled to the burial costs.
  • Wrongful death. A wrongful death claim forces the negligent parties to be held fully accountable for their actions. We know that no amount of money will ever bring your loved ones back, or replace them in any way, but such a claim can offer your family stability and security, now and in the future.

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