Head-On Crashes on Hwy 52 Show Dangers of Highway Driving

A recent head-on crash on Highway 52 near Drake is one many on that stretch of road, showing once again how dangerous highway driving can be, even when you are taking all the right precautions as a driver.

The most recent head-on crash resulted in the death of a 31-year-old truck driver. The man was driving a pickup truck and going eastbound when he crossed over the center line and collided head-on with a semi-truck. The semi jackknifed and went off the road. The pickup came to rest on the shoulder, and the semi came to rest with the trailer standing upright against the cab. No information was available about why the truck driver crossed the center line, such as whether speeding or distracted driving were involved.

The man driving the pickup truck died at the scene, while the driver of the semi was airlifted with non-life-threatening injuries.

There are many crashes along Highway 52, as there are on highways throughout North Dakota and the rest of the country. The higher speeds may get you to your destination faster, but they also put drivers at greater risk of serious injury in case of an accident. You might be following the speed limit, but that doesn’t mean that the other drivers are. You might not be texting or drinking while driving, but that doesn’t mean that the other drivers are as focused or sober. You can be the perfect driver, but if someone else drives into you at those high speeds, you can experience severe injuries that put you in chronic pain or even change your way of life.

Even in accidents that involve two passenger vehicles, injuries can include broken bones, spinal laceration, head trauma, organ damage, and paralysis. Accidents that involve larger vehicles like tractor trailers and commercial trucks increase the likelihood of severe, life-threatening injuries exponentially. Accidents involving these larger vehicles can easily lead to fatalities even at the lower speeds.

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