Increasing Your Chances of Surviving an Accident with a Big RigThere is no guarantee in life that you will walk away from a car accident unharmed. That is not much reassurance, to say the least. Your chances of walking away from a crash with a tractor-trailer without injury are even scarcer because of the size and weight differential between a big rig and a motor vehicle. You can, however, increase your chances of surviving an accident with a big rig.

Choose the right car

It will be more expensive when signing a lease or purchasing a car, but you need to choose the safest car to drive. For example, driving an SUV increases your likelihood of surviving a crash with a big rig compared to driving a coupe, sedan, or another small motor vehicle.

At the same time, you need to make sure you are driving a newer car. Older cars might not have the right amount of airbags or other safety systems that can protect you when involved in an accident. Newer vehicles have various safety systems in place, along with airbags located throughout the vehicle, to protect the driver and all of the passengers.

Wear a seat belt and use safety systems

Always wear a seat belt when operating your vehicle. Make sure that all of the safety systems your vehicle has are activated each time you are driving. These safety systems can mean the difference between life and death when involved in a truck accident. Having your car serviced regularly can also increase your chances of surviving a big rig accident, as techs will check to ensure your safety systems are working properly.

Clean the interior of the vehicle

Loose items inside the cabin of your vehicle can turn into projectiles when involved in an accident. A laptop sitting on the passenger seat can become airborne and hit you in the head upon impact, causing a traumatic brain injury or even death. Try to put everything you are transporting in a cargo hold or the trunk of your vehicle.

If you are transporting a dog or cat in a crate, make sure the crate is secured to the vehicle using a seat belt or some other type of tether. The cleaner the interior of your vehicle, the less likely it is you will be distracted to look for something and be involved in an accident.

Posture matters when driving

The posture you use when driving matters if you are involved in a truck accident. Be sure to avoid the following common driving habits when it comes to your posture:

  • Driving with your arm out the window
  • Driving with your hand on the center of the wheel
  • Driving with your body leaning against the door
  • Driving while leaning against the steering wheel

Correct posture and hand placement on the wheel (now “9 and 3,” not “10 and 2”) can reduce your risk of suffering an injury in an accident. You can lose your arm if it is hanging out the window in a truck accident. Your face could suffer abrasions and lacerations if leaning your body against the door or wheel when the airbags activate.

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