The very thing that attracts motorcyclists to their preferred mode of transportation is the same thing that makes it so risky – the freedom of driving without barriers. Riding without the restrictions, or safety features, a car or SUV provides can also lead to severe injuries in the event of an accident. And, because operating a motorcycle requires skill and balance, even a small anomaly in the road or other people’s behavior can cause a crash.

Even something that seems as minor as a neighbor’s grass clippings can cause a serious motorcycle accident here in North Dakota. Stray grass clippings can turn a road into black ice for a motorcyclist and is responsible for many biker deaths each year. Read on to find out about other hazards that can result in accidents and injuries.

Top road hazards for motorcyclists

Some of these may be unavoidable – but that doesn’t mean your accident was your fault, either. A personal injury attorney can discuss your specific situation. Following are just a few road dangers for motorcyclists:

  • Deer. Especially around dusk, deer tend to be out and they obviously don’t follow traffic laws. Colliding with a deer on a motorcycle will cause you serious injury. Try to familiarize yourself with the roads you travel in late afternoons for better awareness.
  • Distracted drivers. When other drivers on the road are busy texting or otherwise distracted, they act unpredictably. If you notice a car driving strangely on the road, do your best to avoid them and be very cautious.
  • Drivers turning left. This is an extremely common cause of motorcycle accidents. Many drivers don’t notice or simply ignore motorcycles at intersections, assuming they always have the right of way. Many bikers are injured each year due to careless motorists.
  • Hidden sharp turns. In unfamiliar territory, a sharp and surprise turn can be deadly – especially when another vehicle is approaching. If the other driver isn’t paying attention, a head-on collision could result.
  • Fallen rocks and gravel. Gravel and grit tend to collect at intersections with dirt or gravel roads and at the ends of sloping driveways. Inexperienced riders hitting gravel at high speeds are at risk of losing traction and control of their bikes.
  • Potholes. Nobody likes to hit a pothole, as they can cause a lot of damage to a car. This can be much worse for a bike. If you see anything in the road ahead, assume it’s dangerous and slow down so you can safely avoid it.
  • Railroad tracks and uneven pavement. Driving over railway tracks or a construction area can cause a motorcycle’s wheels to suddenly lock or turn, causing the rider to lose control or even be ejected from the bike.
  • Rain and morning dew. In the early morning, dew or rain on the road can make the surface slippery. Also, inclement weather can make it more difficult for other drivers to see you.

Remember, when a motorcycle and a car collide, the motorcycle will lose. Motorcyclists almost never walk away from a crash without injuries.

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