North Dakota’s Motorized Scooter and Electric Bicycle Laws

Do You Need a License to Drive a Moped?Motorized or electric scooters, or “e-scooters,” and electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular methods for getting around; perhaps you’ve seen people zipping around here in Minot and nearby areas. E-scooters and e-bikes can be a fun and fuel-efficient way to get around, but only when riders follow the rules of the road and practice safe driving.

As motorized scooters and bikes evolve, so do the rules and laws that govern them. It’s always worth a “refresher course,” so following is a brief overview of North Dakota’s scooter and bicycle laws. The more you know – whether you’re riding a motorized scooter or sharing the road with one – the easier you can avoid an accident.

Your vehicle counts as a street legal motorized scooter or electric bicycle if it has:

  • Pedals or foot rests
  • 2 or 3 wheels
  • A seat or saddle for the rider
  • A width of 32 inches or less
  • An automatic drive system (no clutch)
  • A motor that:
    • Has less than a 50 CC piston displacement
    • Has no more than 2-brake horsepower
    • Cannot propel the vehicle faster than 30mph

You don’t need a special license for a motorized scooter, electric bicycle, or moped, but you must have a valid driver’s license. You must also have your scooter or bicycle insured, titled, and registered just like any other vehicle.

A motorized scooter or any other similar vehicle is not street legal if it doesn’t have seats, or any of the other equipment listed above. If the vehicle doesn’t fit the above parameters, North Dakota considers it a recreational motor vehicle – vehicles that are typically prohibited on public streets and roads. You should check with your municipality for specific laws on recreational motor vehicles.

Once you have a street legal motorized bicycle or scooter, to ride it, you must:

  • Stay off sidewalks and bike paths
  • Obey all traffic laws and regulations
  • Have brakes, a headlight, and taillight
  • Wear a motorcycle helmet (if you’re under 18 years old)

And, of course, drivers and passengers of motorized bikes and scooters must follow all traffic laws. You can visit the North Dakota DOT website for more information.

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