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Skilled North Dakota Lawyers Obtain Compensation for Pedestrian and Cyclist Injuries

Seeking legal justice for pedestrian and bicycle accident victims

You are out enjoying a leisurely stroll down the Burlington Walking Path, or bike ride with your family on the Tricorn trail. Suddenly, a passenger van drives onto the sidewalk, striking you and your child, or comes barreling down at you from the boardwalk area. Pedestrian and bicyclist accidents are shocking and tragic events that unfortunately happen every day. The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (NHSTA) reported that more than 5,000 pedestrians were hit and killed in 2015 nationwide. These fatalities occurred every 1.6 hours, with pedestrian injuries occurring every 7.5 minutes.

Pedestrian accident statistics prove how prevalent this problem is on our roadways. At Larson Law Firm P.C., our proven success record speaks for itself. With more than 45 years of experience, our tenacious North Dakota pedestrian injury lawyers fight aggressively on your behalf. We are committed to recovering full compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Quality representation for various causes of pedestrian and bicycle accidents

The North Dakota Department of Transportation reported that, in 2016, a pedestrian accident occurred every three days, while a bicyclist accident occurred every four days. Though bicyclists and pedestrians have the same rights and responsibilities as every motorist, they are more vulnerable to injury without the protection of a vehicle.

Even when pedestrians and cyclists proceed carefully on busy streets, drivers may break traffic laws and refuse to give the right of way. Our knowledgeable injury lawyers know that the most frequent causes of pedestrian and cyclist injuries include:

  • Collisions in crosswalks
  • Parking lot accidents as vehicles pull into or out of spaces
  • Intoxicated driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Poor driver visibility
  • Vehicle driving in the designated bicycle lane

Help for common pedestrian injuries

The average passenger vehicle weighs thousands of pounds. When a pedestrian or cyclist is struck by this massive amount of weight, serious injury is imminent. At the Larson Law Firm, our skilled lawyers have helped pedestrians and bicyclists obtain compensation for such injuries as:

Injuries can weigh heavy on your mind, especially if you suffer permanent trauma as a result of the car accident and are unable to work. Further complicating matters, some injuries do not show up until days, weeks or even months later. Our team of attorneys fights aggressively on your behalf to get you reimbursed for costly medical treatments and rehabilitation.

Types of Cases We Handle

Our North Dakota attorneys handle a variety of cases, including:

Car AccidentsCauses of Car AccidentsCar Accident FAQs
Distracted DrivingDrowsy / FatigueDrunk Driving DUI
Fatal CrashesUber & Lyft Car AccidentsTypes of Car Accidents
Head-on CrashesHit & RunConstruction Zone (vehicles)
Rear-EndPedestrian & Cyclist

Experienced North Dakota lawyers take aggressive action on your behalf

At Larson Law Firm P.C., we understand the devastating impact of pedestrian and bicyclist accidents. We diligently work to eliminate legal worries and stress, so our clients can concentrate on healing and full recovery. To discuss the details of your case, set up a free evaluation today. Call our Minot office at 701-484-4878 or complete our contact form. We also provide legal representation to the residents of Ward, Williams, McKenzie, Pierce and Mountrail Counties.

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