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Many commercial trucks have trailers that are attached to the tractors. Generally, the drivers of tractor-trailers are required to have a commercial driver’s license because tractor-trailers are difficult to control. Trucking companies and truck drivers are required to know why driving truck trailers is dangerous and what precautions to take before and during deliveries. At Larson Law Firm P.C., our Minot truck-trailer accident lawyers are respected across North Dakota for our strong record of impressive settlements and verdicts in personal injury and wrongful death cases.

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What are the different types of tractor-trailers?

According to Freight Course, there are many different types of tractor-trailers. Each type of trailer has its own set of inherent risks. All trailers have certain common risks. Generally, different trailers are used for different types of cargo. Truck-trailers are commonly called semis because the entire truck is split into half – the tractor and the trailer.

Our Minot truck trailer accident lawyers represent injured victims and families who are harmed by the following types of trailers:

  • Intermodal trailers. These semi-trailers are favored because they can be used to ship goods on roads, to seaports, by rail, and to and from container depots. “They can hold different types of container types and sizes, including dry storage containers, flat rack containers, open-side containers, tank containers, and even refrigerated or special-purpose containers.”
  • Box trailers (also called dry van trailers). These are “fully enclosed 2 or 3-axle semi-trailers.” They’re generally used to ship “non-perishable goods, construction-related products, and cargo that don’t require temperature control.” The cargo is enclosed inside the trailer. They’re quite common.
  • Side curtain trailers. These vehicles combine “the loading benefits of a flatbed trailer with a ceiling, front wall, and rear doors for cargo containment and protection.” They can be loaded on the side. These trailers are commonly used for consumer goods, delicate machinery, lumber, and general types of cargo.
  • Refrigerator (reefer) trailers. These semi-trailers have a “built-in temperature control system and insulation to protect temperature-sensitive shipments.” They’re used to carry perishable foods and pharmaceuticals.
  • Tanker trailers. These semi-trailers are used to ship liquids. “Their cylindrical shape lowers their center of gravity and simplifies extraction.” For example, petroleum tankers have special features to transport different types or grades of fuel (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, etc.).
  • Flatbed trailers. These commonly used semi-trailers have a flat deck but no roof or doors. While they’re easy to lead, they have a higher risk of cargo spills. They carry cargo that doesn’t need protection from the weather.
  • Lowboy trailers. They’re generally used to transport tall equipment and oversized materials.
  • Step deck trailers. These semis are like flatbeds but have an upper and lower deck.

Other common types of trailers include:

  • Double-drop trailers
  • Extendable trailers
  • Livestock/cattle trailers
  • Trailers that haul cars
  • Dry bulk trailers
  • Dump trailers
  • Hopper-bottom trailers
  • Liftgate trailers
  • Gooseneck trailers
  • Conestoga trailers
  • Side kit trailers
  • Bus trailers

What types of truck-trailer accidents happen in Minot?

Larson Law Firm P.C. handles all types of Minot truck-trailer accidents. We work with investigators, the police, and federal and state agencies to determine the cause of the accident. Our seasoned truck accident lawyers have helped many personal injury victims just like you obtain strong recoveries.

Our attorneys handle all types of truck-trailer accidents including:

Jackknife accidents

These accidents are common types of truck-trailer accidents. They occur when the truck and the trailer travel in different directions. The net result is that the tractor and the trailer usually end up 90 degrees from each other. Truck jackknives can tie up Minot highways for hours until the truck and trailer can be returned to their correct locations.

Truck jackknife accidents often occur when the trailer does not slow down at the same rate as the tractor. Some of the reasons for these different speed rates include heavy braking, slippery roads, improper loading of the cargo, and trailers that aren’t filled.

Trucking companies and truck drivers should understand how to avoid jackknife accidents from occurring and what to do if a tractor-trailer starts to jackknife.

Cargo spill accidents

As the discussion of trailer types emphasizes, some semis are fully enclosed. While the cargo should be secure within the trailer, the cargo can still shift around while the truck is in operation, causing the driver to lose control of the truck and trailer.

Cargo that isn’t contained within the trailer can shift while the truck is in operation. Worse, the cargo can spill onto the highway causing the truck to roll over or jackknife – causing any drivers near the trailer to have to scurry to avoid the cargo and the trailer.

Trucking companies and loading companies should properly load, unload, and secure their trucks. Security includes complying with federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations and North Dakota trucking regulations.

Wide-turn accidents

The longer the trailer, the wider the turn the truck needs to make. Trucks with long trailers often need to enter other lanes of travel to complete their turns. Even when a truck trailer can stay in the same lane while turning, there is a high chance that any cars to the immediate right of the truck could be crushed by a swinging trailer if the truck driver isn’t cautious.

Blind spot accidents

Trucks are difficult to control due to their blind spots. Blind spots occur because truck drivers with trailers can’t see behind the trailer or to either side of the trailer. Truck drivers need to be extra cautious when turning or shifting lanes because the driver will have difficulty seeing around the truck. Video and other technology can help. Truck trailer drivers in Minot need to know where their blind spots are and be extra careful

What are the causes of trailer accidents in North Dakota?

Trailers create unique problems that increase the risk of a truck accident. Some of these dangers include:

  • The weight, dimensions, and cargo make driving a truck with a trailer dangerous.
  • Trucks with lighter loads may swing and sway while the truck is in motion.
  • The truck hitch attaching the trailer to the truck needs to be secure. Defective trailer hitches may cause fatalities.
  • The truck is empty. After the delivery is made, the driver’s truck will be empty. Driving with an empty trailer (deadheading) increases the risk of a rollover – especially when it’s windy.
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