Study Finds Truckers Who Speed Are Likely to Engage in Other Unsafe Driving Practices

Study Finds Truckers Who Speed Are Likely to Engage in Other Unsafe Driving PracticesSmartDrive Systems is a company specializing in video safety and transportation intelligence, performing regular surveys and studies for the industry. They recently released the results of their latest survey, the SmartDrive SmartIQ Speeding Drivers Snapshot for Truckers. This Snapshot aggregates data from over 200 million driving events, and the results help trucking fleets understand the risks associated with speeding, as well as leverage opportunities to make their trucks and drivers safer and improve fleet efficiency.

The main takeaway from the SmartDrive Snapshot is that truck drivers who speed are more likely to engage in other unsafe behaviors behind the wheel, waste more fuel, and put themselves and others at heightened risk for truck accidents. SmartDrive used video analysis in conjunction with their data, and came to some conclusions about truckers who speed. The data says that these truck drivers are:

  • 272% more likely to have both hands off the steering wheel at some point
  • 266% more likely than other drivers to talk on a cell phone while driving
  • More than 200% more likely to consume food or beverages or engage in grooming and personal hygiene while driving
  • 171% more likely to do paperwork behind the wheel
  • Almost three times as likely to practice unsafe following distances (tailgating, etc.)
  • 54% more likely to cross the center line of the roadway or median
  • 45% more likely to be involved in a near-accident with another vehicle, and 69% more likely to be involved in a collision
  • Nearly three times more likely to drive while distracted
  • More likely to engage in unsafe passing, merging, lane changing, braking, or turning
  • More likely to disobey stop signs and red lights

The Snapshot also noted that, in addition to being a physical risk, unsafe driving is also a financial issue. A truck’s equipment—drive trains, gear, clutches, and bearings—wear out more quickly at higher speeds. Even an increase from 50 mph to 60 mph can increase maintenance costs by up to 38%, and increasing to 70 mph increases costs by 80%.

This is only the most recent SmartDrive study, but the company provides regular data and analysis to the industry. “The clients then have the ability to get this information to analyze and use to their benefit,” said Slaven Sljivar, SmartDrive’s vice president of analytics.

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