Tips for Preventing Farm Accidents

Tips for Preventing Farm Accidents

With the busy farming season underway, it is important to be vigilant in preventing farm accidents. The National Farmer’s Union helps raise awareness about some of the key issues associated with farm safety and has issued a best practices guide.

Acknowledging the risk of potential farming accidents and putting in place a plan to prevent them is essential for minimizing liability and preventing injuries for employees. Far too many accidents on North Dakota farms are preventable.

The most important step to prevent farming accidents this summer is to understand the areas of highest potential for accidents to occur. For example, temporary employees with little or no farming experience pose a risk not only to themselves, but to other farm workers. Lack of proper training or knowledge of equipment, machinery and farm safety practices can result in catastrophe.

Farming is one of the riskiest and dangerous occupations in the United States, therefore it is imperative to raise awareness of the dangers inherent in farming. Farm owners and operators have a duty of care to implement safety educational programs to ensure all employees are well-versed in safety protocol. And, safety gear should be provided and worn as necessary.

In addition, all vehicles, equipment and farm machinery must be properly maintained, inspected and free from defects. According to a 2013 Bureau of Labor Statistics research report, approximately 500 deaths happen each year associated with farm work. One quarter of these accidents are tied directly to machinery accidents.

Children are also prone to accidents, an alarming number of farming accidents involve children. Four in five farm accidents are not labor-related, but involve children directly. If you or someone you love has been involved in a farming accident, contact an experienced North Dakota farm accident attorney. The accident attorneys at Larson Law can help. To set up a free consultation today, contact us online or call 701-484-4878.