What do Pain & Suffering Damages Include in ND?

What do Pain and Suffering Damages Include?

It is important to work with a Minot car accident lawyer to prove intangible damages such as pain and suffering

After a car accident, you will have tangible losses, such as the value of your now-totaled car or the bill you had to pay for your hospital stay. Your Minot car accident lawyer will be able to show these losses easily by presenting documentation and expert testimony. However, you may also have intangible losses such as physical pain and mental suffering, which can also be included in your settlement but which can be much harder to prove.

At the Larson Law Firm, our attorneys are experienced in getting clients compensation for their pain and suffering after an accident. We work with a team of experts to show the extent of this pain and suffering, such as mental health counselors, doctors, rehabilitative specialists and others. We also call on friends and family members to testify about the changes they have witnessed in clients’ personalities, behaviors and activities.

We may be able to recover damages for pain and suffering that includes:

Physical Pain and Suffering

Do you have chronic pain after your accident? Is it now hard for you to walk or run without your knee hurting? Do you have debilitating headaches that don’t respond to pain killers? This is the type of pain and suffering that may qualify you for greater compensation after your accident. You can also recover additional compensation if you experienced particularly agonizing injuries, such as all-over burns or back injuries.

Mental Suffering

Maybe your physical injuries have healed, but you still suffer nightmares months after your accident or you are so anxious about driving that you can’t get in a car. Anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and other mental disturbances that can be linked to your accident may qualify you for a bigger settlement. Mental suffering may also include emotional distress, sleep disturbances, mood swings, a lack of energy, a lack of enjoyment in life, and anger problems. Typically, mental suffering would be proven by testimony from a counselor or therapist, but testimony from your family and friends may also prove to be sufficient.

Determining exactly how much compensation you can get for your pain and suffering after an accident is not a hard science. The court must determine the extent to which this suffering has impacted your life and figure out a way to put a dollar amount on that. That’s where the experienced Minot car accident lawyers from the Larson Law Firm come in. We use our experience and expertise to argue for the maximum settlement under the law for what you have suffered. We will call on the right experts and create the right case to win you the most compensation we can.

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