What if the Police Report is Wrong about My Accident?

Police reports are highly beneficial to victims of motor vehicle crashes. They serve as an authoritative description of the accident scene. These reports document the parties involved, eyewitness testimony of the event, and information about injuries and property damage.

As someone involved in a car crash in North Dakota, it is important to obtain a copy of the accident police report. Attorneys, courts, and insurance companies rely on these reports for key information. Police officers who write up these reports after investigating the accident are supposed to be independent of all parties involved. Sometimes the police officer is the only individual who investigates the scene and is not directly involved in the crash.

However, what happens when the police report contains information that is not accurate about the events or other circumstances of your accident? Police officers are human, after all, and capable of making mistakes. If there is an error on the accident report, it is in your best interest to have it corrected quickly.

Does it really matter if the accident report is wrong?

If a person files an insurance claim or lawsuit, attorneys and insurance adjusters will often initially evaluate the police report. This report is not generally admissible in a court of law, but is a critical tool in determining liability for the accident.

If the report contains mistakes that present a different picture than what actually occurred, victims in these accidents must have recourse of some kind.

A police report that is favorable to the other driver’s cause will be used by that driver’s insurance company regarding any settlement negotiations or court trial. The only way to prove what actually occurred and obtain the recovery you are owed for your injuries in such cases is to have your own investigation conducted – one that produces evidence to support your claim.

Challenging the police report

It is possible to amend police reports, but in order to do so, conclusive evidence must be produced to counter the incorrect information in the report. This requires the presentation of proof or documentation. If this proof is provided, the officer can correct the reporter by attaching an addendum that explains the error.

Errors in a police report that involve rhetoric on the part of others, such as an eyewitness’s inaccurate description of the event, are best countered by providing your own observation and description of the accident. You can request that a document of your observations be added to the police report.

Getting legal help to overcome an incorrect police report

By hiring an experienced car accident attorney in North Dakota you can overcome a number of the obstacles associated with a flawed police report. Your attorney can pursue the facts through a process of legal discovery and expert witnesses to help ensure you effectively point out the report’s errors and secure a fair and just recovery for your losses.

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