Why Hire an Injury Attorney

Reasons Why You Need to Hire a North Dakota Personal Injury Attorney After a Serious Accident

Personal injury attorneys represent victims who have been injured in car accidents, slips and falls, pedestrian accidents, workplace accidents, construction accidents, recreational accidents, farm accidents and in other types of incidences when the acts of one party cause them harm. These legal professionals help protect the rights of accident victims and pursue the negligent party for compensation for the damages victims have suffered.

Personal injury attorneys investigate claims of negligence in which one party has acted in a careless manner that led to the victim sustaining damages. In some cases, insurance companies may deny a valid claim, leading to further stress for a person who has already suffered medical injuries and who is trying to focus on his or her recovery. Personal injury attorneys are knowledgeable about laws related to negligence. He or she can investigate a claim and review evidence such as eyewitness statements, police reports, photographs, video, medical records and other documents to determine the likely cause of the accident. He or she can use this information in the event liability is at issue to sue the defendant.

Even if the insurance claim is not denied, the insurance company may try to settle the case for a low amount before the victim hires a personal injury lawyer. The amount offered may seem adequate, but a personal injury attorney can better estimate the value of a claim based on his or her experience in other cases. The victim may drastically underestimate the value of future medical procedures that may be necessary or the full extent of the effect the accident may have on his or her earning power. A personal injury lawyer can write a demand letter that requests an amount of compensation that is fair and just.

Personal injury attorneys know the legal threshold that must be met for the victim to recover compensation. Additionally, they are familiar with laws regarding the amount of time that a victim has to file a lawsuit. If this time period is passed, the victim may be barred from bringing forth the lawsuit. A personal injury attorney who is hired by the victim can ensure that the lawsuit is filed in a timely manner. He or she can also ensure that other court procedures are closely followed in order to protect the rights of the victim. In some cases, a personal injury attorney may provide skilled legal representation to accident victims during a trial if a fair settlement is not offered.

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