Women in North Dakota Oil Industry Face Unique Employment Challenges

Women in North Dakota Oil Industry Face Unique Employment ChallengesA recent article in Glamour magazine detailed the trials and tribulations of being a female that works in the oil and gas industry in North Dakota. While living in the boom town of Williston, the author learned the hard life lessons of working in the male-dominated industry and city. She also faced harassment and discrimination that can accompany being identified as the “other” – in this case because of her gender. Particularly in the industry and in the Bakken oil fields, implicit and antiquated standards and norms may exist for women in the workplace that don’t seem to apply to men. If you are a female that has been hurt or injured on the job while working in the oil and gas industry, you should seek out the counsel of a compassionate and skilled North Dakota oil field attorney. An aggressive attorney will work with you to develop a legal strategy, and to mete out specific details of your case. Empower yourself to face your challenges head on and demand what you are owed.

Discrimination happens in the oil fields

In 2015, a woman named Cindy Marchello brought a claim against her employer for demoting her from pump operator to a desk job, apparently due to the fact she was a woman. She also alleged that she was paid $2 less per hour than the men in the same position. Her case was recently settled for a private amount. Oil and gas giant C&J Energy Services did not have a strong enough case to fight Marchello. Discrimination isn’t only illegal; it is simply bad for business. In a trade so heavily skewed to male employees — about 85% of oil and gas workers are male — companies can’t afford to discriminate against a person for their sex.

Women face unique challenges in the oil fields:

  • Higher rates of sex discrimination
  • Lower pay
  • Lack of resources
  • Lack of camaraderie in some cases
  • Lack of mentors and employer support
  • Low instances of representation

Helping victims of oil field accidents

Oil field accidents happen. They can manifest as fires, explosions, or hazardous spills. When catastrophe strikes, it is doubly important to make sure your employer is taking care of those involved. Women in the oil fields can sometimes be easy scapegoats for blame after an accident. If you have been hurt on the job, you are not liable for damages. Make sure you find a competent and aggressive Minot personal injury lawyer right away. You should never feel responsible for an employer’s mistake, and women in the oil and gas industry are all too easy of a target.

The Larson Law believes that everyone has the right to work in the oil and gas industry. No one should bear the brunt of accidents that happen on the clock in this dangerous profession. There are risks inherent to many positions in this industry, but that does not mean you are at fault if you get hurt — no matter who you are.  If you are a woman or man who has been injured during the course of work or in an oil field accident, you can get paid for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Find a Minot oil field attorney that has your back. Give us a call at 701-484-4878 or fill out our contact form.

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