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Losing a limb is one of the most serious and tragic injuries an individual can experience. Whether it occurs during a vehicle accident or on a surgical table following the accident, the physical and mental effects of an amputation are life-changing. Not only do you have to deal with serious changes to your quality of life, you must also endure the psychological impact of adjusting to your new physical appearance and daily limitations.

When you are injured by the negligent acts of another, criminal charges may not be appropriate, but the skilled North Dakota amputation injury attorneys at the Larson Law Firm P.C. may be able to help you get a sense of justice by holding the accountable parties for your injury responsible for their actions. Our dedicated legal team relentlessly pursues compensation, so you get the resources you need to heal and protect your financial future.

Potential causes of amputation injuries

Serious accidents can lead to amputation injuries. Sometimes the accident can cause the limb to become severed, and other times the accident can cause an injury or infection that results in necessary amputation by a doctor. Some of the most common causes of amputation injuries that our legal team has seen include:

Accidents are rarely true accidents. You can almost always trace the cause of the accident back to negligence by one or more parties. Someone may have made a critical error while driving or been under the influence while operating farm equipment. Product defects or inadequate property upkeep may also be at fault.

The knowledgeable injury attorneys at the Larson Law Firm work tirelessly to determine the cause of the accident that led to your amputation and to prove fault. We relentlessly pursue the responsible parties to make them pay, ensuring that you have what you need to protect your future.

What an amputation injury award might include

An amputation is a catastrophic injury that can significantly affect your quality of life and mental health. At Larson Law Firm, we believe your award should reflect that. First, our attorneys factor in the costs of the medical care you have already received and any ongoing care you are getting, including rehabilitation. They also include the costs of your prosthesis and any equipment you may need in your home to help you get around.

When determining an appropriate compensation amount to pursue, we talk with medical experts who can testify about what care you will need in the future, such as chronic pain management or mental health counseling. Because these costs are subjective, our experienced North Dakota lawyers work with the best experts to get the most authoritative testimony to strengthen your claim. Our goal is to obtain the top award, through settlement or jury verdict, the law allows, ensuring that you have everything you will need for your future.

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