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Handling complex oil field accident cases

Various types of accidents contribute to these injuries, including motor vehicle fatalities related to transportation between work sites, pit falls, equipment failures, crane accidents, drilling accidents and countless others. For many workers, the North Dakota oil fields offer a better life for their families. The promises of higher pay are alluring, but the lack of training and experience is believed to be a contributing factor in the shocking numbers of deaths and injuries. That is why the knowledgeable North Dakota oil field injury lawyers of Larson Law Firm P.C. work hard to obtain compensation when these hard-working individuals are harmed.

Trusted representation for various types of oil field accident cases

Our legal team has helped many North Dakota residents with their oil field injury claims, including harms related to the following types of accidents:

  • Oil service truck accidents. These specialized vehicles are designed to haul heavy equipment used in the mining industry. An accident with these trucks can cause serious injuries for everyone involved.
  • Oil rig collapses. These structures are built to withstand the elements and the pressure of the oil. However, poor design, construction or maintenance can lead to rig collapses. An oil field worker may become pinned under warped metal from the derrick or a broken piece from the rig could strike a worker in the head causing serious brain injuries.
  • Oil field explosion or fire. When a spark hits oil, the effect can be instantaneous, leading to a dangerous explosion. An oil fire can be extremely difficult to put out, as the oil from the well continues to feed fuel to the fire. In the meantime, any nearby oil field workers are at risk of serious injury.
  • Toxic fumes injuries. Dangerous fumes are common among oil fields, including crystalline silica and other types of fumes. Breathing in these fumes can have lasting impact on your health and wellbeing.
  • Oil blowout cases. Built-up pressure from the underground reservoir can force oil and gases up the well with enough force to damage the drilling rig and cause serious injuries to nearby roughnecks, drillers, derrick hands and other workers. Blowouts have also been known to cause fatalities.

Our skilled North Dakota oil field injury lawyers understand the hazards you face every day on the job, and we will work diligently to protect your legal rights after an injury.

Turn to us when your family member is killed in an oil field accident

Families that are living with the devastating loss of a loved one can be uncertain where to turn for help obtaining accident claims. At Larson Law Firm, we have protected the rights of injured workers for more than 35 years and have a record of success in fatal accident and wrongful death claims.

We represent injured oil field workers and families who are struggling with the aftermath of having a family member die on the job. We have taken on the most complex wrongful death cases and won. Our team is prepared to review and evaluate your case and to advise you on any legal action that should be taken. Based upon the facts of your case, you may be able to recover compensation beyond what you will get from workers’ compensation benefits. Our firm is familiar with filing third party claims in circumstances where parties beyond your employer may be liable. We are proven litigators, and we are committed to fighting for justice for oil field workers in North Dakota.

Types of Cases We Handle

Compassionate representation for victims of oil field related accidents, including:

Put our knowledge and skill to work in your North Dakota oil field accident case

At Larson Law Firm P.C., we want to promote awareness among workers injured in an oil field accident. Find answers to your questions and learn more about how we can help you through our Oil Field Accident Resource Center. Then, give us a call at 701-484-HURT or complete our contact form to schedule a free consultation. From our office in Minot, we are proud to represent clients throughout Ward, Williams, McKenzie, Pierce and Mountrail Counties.

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