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The oil boom in North Dakota has made it possible for many hard-working people to obtain high paying jobs by working in the oil and gas extraction industry of the Bakken Oil Fields. The potential for high wages and financial security entices people into these working environments. However, for many oil field workers, these financial gains come with a steep price. There has been a significant increase in the number of oil field injuries and related fatal deaths. North Dakota now has the highest percentage of work related fatalities in the nation, with more than half of these fatal work accidents related to the oil and gas extraction industries.

The legal team of Larson Law Firm P.C. provides injured workers and their families with a trusted advocate during their time of need. Our dedicated North Dakota oil field injury lawyers fight to secure compensation for the injured party and also for families who have lost their loved ones to the oil and gas extraction industry. We understand the significant challenges that an oil field injury can bring. That is why we take on the legal process, while you focus on healing.

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The significant dangers of an oil field can result in various types of accidents and even more variations of injury. At Larson Law Firm, our legal team of experienced North Dakota oil field injury attorneys has successfully obtained financial compensation for injuries arising from a variety of oil field incidents. Some of the most common of these injuries include:

  • Burns. The high risk of fire and explosion in oil fields places workers at increased danger for severe burns, which may require extensive skin grafting and result in permanent disfigurement.
  • Toxic chemical exposure. Constant exposure to the chemicals used in such oil extraction techniques as hydraulic fracturing can have long term neurological and respiratory effects.
  • Crush injuries. Falling equipment and pieces from oil derricks can strike and trap a worker underneath. The force from this type of injury can also crush one or more parts of the worker’s body.
  • Head injuries. Trauma to the head from falling objects or flying debris during an explosion can lead to long term head injuries. Traumatic brain injuries can cause loss of memory, cognitive difficulties and rapid degeneration of the brain.
  • Neck and back injuries. These injuries are also commonly associated with the intense labor required for oil field jobs. The most serious incidents can result in permanent paralysis.

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