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Trusted North Dakota Lawyers Helpings Victims of Water Ski Accidents

Obtaining compensation for victims injured in water ski accidents

Water skiing is a fun way to cool off when the temperatures rise in North Dakota; Lake Metigoshe even hosts water ski extravaganzas in the summer. However, this popular water activity can quickly become dangerous if a careless or intoxicated boat operator is at the wheel. People who are towed on the back of a moving watercraft have a higher risk of injury than those operating the vessel. Innocent water skiers can be easily injured by obstacles in the water, ski equipment or collisions with other skiers and boats.

As knowledgeable North Dakota water ski accident attorneys, the legal team of Larson Law understands that each personal injury case is unique. That is why we fiercely commit our resources to investigating the specific details of your case, so we can obtain fair and full compensation for your injuries.

Reliable legal guidance for the most serious water ski crash injuries

It only takes a moment for a fun-filled day of water skiing to turn injurious or even fatal. A sudden twist or turn of the boat or a collision with another boat can cause serious harm to a water skier. The Larson Law’s attorneys have helped numerous recreational accident victims with injuries such as:

  • Feet and ankle strains and sprains
  • Head injuries, including concussions and traumatic brain injuries
  • Cuts and lacerations, especially to head, face and neck areas
  • Shoulder sprains and dislocations
  • Leg and arm fractures
  • Nerve and muscle damage

Our legal team understands that these injuries may take months or even years to heal, leading to overwhelming medical bills and lost income. With more than 45 years of personal injury law experience, we tenaciously fight to win your case and get you maximum compensation.

How to prevent water ski accidents

Water skiing is a high-risk sport, but taking necessary precautions can prevent injuries from occurring. If you are towed on the back of a boat, it’s important to follow North Dakota boating laws, such as always wearing an approved U.S. Coast Guard personal flotation device. In addition, you can avoid accidents and injuries by having a spotter on the boat at all times when water skiing. A spotter’s job is to specifically watch the skier as he’s towed and make sure he’s not in danger. It’s unsafe for the driver of the boat to also act as the spotter. He needs to watch the water at all times and not be distracted while driving the boat.

Our team of skilled attorneys wants you to be safe on the water, but we also know that accidents are going to occur. When they do, you have a trusted law firm on your side to seek the compensation your injuries deserve.

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