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Advocating for the rights of contractors, site visitors, and passers-by

Construction workers have some of the most dangerous and thankless jobs in the nation. On a daily basis, they risk their health and lives to construct the buildings and structures where we live our lives. When these brave professionals are hurt on their jobs, they deserve to be compensated for the injuries that are causing them to suffer.

At the Larson Law Firm P.C., our seasoned North Dakota construction accident attorneys represent victims that have had their financial security threatened by a serious injury. We aggressively advocate for contractors, site visitors, outside vendors, and other non-employees, representing them in their pursuit of justice.

Recovering compensation when workers’ compensation does not apply

Construction sites are dangerous places. While only 6% of Americans work in construction, they account for more than 21% of the workplace fatalities, as reported by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Contractors and site visitors who are hurt on-site, and the families of wrongful death victims, often struggle to receive the full and fair compensation they should in the aftermath of an incident.

Our experienced attorneys identify third parties that may also have some responsibility for your injuries. We seek to recover additional compensation that enables your family to thrive while you are out of work. The most common types of construction site accident injuries include:

Third-party construction site injury lawsuits for defective equipment

The process for obtaining full and fair compensation is enhanced when third parties are responsible for workplace construction worker injuries. Manufacturers can be held liable when defective or unsafe construction equipment is the cause of your injuries. Bringing a product liability lawsuit can ensure that you and your family are recovered during your recovery period.

Our knowledgeable team pursues all possible responsible parties for your injuries to ensure that you are not forced to bear the financial burden for your workplace accident. We understand the financial challenges faced by you and your family. That is why we diligently work to secure compensation.

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