Recent hunting accident highlights risk and need for legal counsel

Minot wrongful death lawyer can help families get compensation

Many people who live in North Dakota enjoy hunting either for sport or for food. There is an abundance of wildlife in the state, and the vast natural landscape makes it an ideal place for hunting enthusiasts. Yet even in the hands of a responsible and trained owner, a rifle or other gun is always a safety risk, and the many hunting accidents that happen here each year show that all too well.

Recently, a 57-year-old man was killed in a hunting accident in LaMoure County. The man was with two friends and was hunting coyotes north of Edgeley. He was shot, and he had died by the time authorities arrived. However, no information was released about how the shooting occurred, such as whether one of the men reacted quickly to a sudden noise, whether the men were following safety protocol to know where each of them were during the hunt, or whether a gun misfired or was handled inappropriately.

There are many reasons that accidents can occur while hunting, including:

  • Mistakes in judgment. A hunter may mistake a person for an animal. Or a hunter may not check the foreground or background before firing at an animal, mistakenly hitting a person in the process.
  • Safety rule violations. A hunter may carry the weapon improperly, or may perform unsafe actions while carrying the weapon, resulting in a misfire.
  • Mechanical failure. The gun may go off when not expected because of a mechanical problem.
  • Poor training. An amateur hunter is more likely to make a mistake that can cause an injury, such as shooting in a direction that was not intended or accidentally firing.

Even if these accidents are not malicious, they are caused by another person’s negligence. And they can lead to devastating, life-changing injuries.

Those who are involved in hunting accidents may feel hesitant to pursue legal action because the person who was negligent was likely a friend, a family member, a co-worker, or a neighbor. But the mistakes this person made led to serious injuries, and it is important that they or their insurance companies are held responsible for the life-altering mistakes that were made.

The Minot wrongful death lawyers at the Larson Law Firm work to help those who have been injured in hunting accidents or who have lost a loved one to a hunting accident. We hold negligent parties responsible so that you get the full compensation you deserve to pay for current and ongoing medical care, to protect your ability to provide for yourself if your ability to work has been affected, to replace lost earnings, or to provide some measure of justice for the pain and suffering you have experienced. Call our firm today at 701-484-4878 or use our online form to schedule a free consultation. One of our knowledgeable attorneys will help you understand your legal options.